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Forward-thinking financial-services companies are creating new roles that are reshaping the competitive environment.

There may not even be a name for the post you are looking to fill. Nevertheless, we will identify the ideal person to suit the skill set you seek.

We know the numbers. We have the data. Our market research is on point. But it is our personal touch that makes the difference.

We thrive on developing an individual understanding of the needs for our clients, and ensuring we match them with just the right person.

Since roles are increasingly fluid, it takes financial-world experience to understand how a new position may change or expand and to know the right person to tackle that challenge. We have that finance-industry grounding and build on it with every assignment.

Cavendish Search also offers seamless search services linking the West with the Asia Pacific region. We have an on-the-ground team with experience living in both London and Hong Kong to connect the two regions.

Our personal experience with native knowledge in both parts of the world gives us the insight necessary to bridge different jurisdictions, cultures and political environments.

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